In the beginning there was light

It took me few hours to get wordpress installed; making the game a bit more challenging for myself: Fedora 23 with SELinux-enabled, WordPress 4.4 and PHP7.

Actually some thinking went on before deciding on WP, I looked at:
1. Statically-generated blogs/CMS like Pelican and Ikiwiki.
2. Good and fancy wiki engines like Dokuwiki
3. Productivity and management platform like Redmine. This one is still on but it will take a life of its own with a separate subdomain and purpose.

Eventually WP4 was the more suitable for my taste.


Started with Fedora 22 then went through remote and headless dnf upgrade to 23 then I did my regular dancing and ceremony of installing some packages and fine turning, this included Nginx and MariaDB. Setting WordPress 3.4.1 was – as usual – very easy, I then used  WordPress Beta tester plugin to upgrade to 4.4 beta. getting php7 (with php-fpm) installed through Remi repos was ok; although I was missing Php pecl redis ( I managed to compiled it manually but no rpm). The more challenging piece was convincing SELinux  to have the setup working with granting wordpress the necessary access to install / update on its own instead of requiring awkward ftp access.

Moving forward, I will be writing about technologies I am interested in and my various views in life, a chronicles of some kind if you like.

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