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When they communicate they conspire

A man has built a device to guard his house against intruders. His house is fortified with steel, and its electronic guardian will admit no one except himself, and then only when he has uttered the correct password; and he has instructed it, with insufficient precision, to “take all necessary measures” to repel unauthorized strangers. He returns one night having… Read more »

Turning Turkey’s Citizens’ Data leak into an opportunity

Around 50 million Turkish citizens details recently leaked and went wild on the internet. The information included the Citizens’ First/Last/Parents Names, Birth date, National No. (aka Kimlik No.), Gender and Address. On the upside, the database is somewhat old (2009), it’s an elections (voters) database; so it only contained citizens that were at the age 18 years and older as… Read more »

8 reasons why you shouldn’t restrict your valuable content to today’s social media alone.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others are indeed fantastic tools to get in touch with people and even reach out to the wider public audience; those platforms are morphing into genuine crowd-sourced generated and curated media channels which have transformed the way we consume media and that is amazing.  Content is being heavily pushed into those… Read more »

Arabic, Beyond the Numeral System

The Arabic language is the second to fifth most spoken language in the world, with a population ranging between 350 and 420 million native speakers – depending on your reference. Arabic has a number of unique characteristics that sets it apart from all other top languages out there, positioning it as the strongest candidate for becoming the universal lingua franca…. Read more »

Galaxy Note 5, the Phablet that could

Why the Note family? I was always fascinated with the idea of holding a pen against the screen and drawing with it; even if that doesn’t go beyond doodling in most occasions; something about expressing the beast within I could say. Hence I became a fan of the Samsung Galaxy Note family. My first was Note 3, I later had… Read more »

In the beginning there was light

It took me few hours to get wordpress installed; making the game a bit more challenging for myself: Fedora 23 with SELinux-enabled, WordPress 4.4 and PHP7. Actually some thinking went on before deciding on WP, I looked at: 1. Statically-generated blogs/CMS like Pelican and Ikiwiki. 2. Good and fancy wiki engines like Dokuwiki 3. Productivity and management platform like Redmine…. Read more »